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What is the best security lock?


What is the best security lock?

The security of our home is one of the most important issues and it is natural that it concerns us constantly. Burglary cases are constantly increasing and unfortunately burglars’ knowledge of defeating new lock – κλειδαριές ασφαλείας – models is constantly improving.

So what do we do? What can we do; Are we leaving our family unprotected at the mercy of every thug? Of course not!

Even if we have a very good security door we will still be weak if we do not take care to upgrade it with some modern security lock.

We should understand that technology is evolving and we should be able to keep up with it. This means that we will have to calculate a renewal-maintenance expense for the best security of our home. For example, if the security door you have was installed before 2010, the best thing to do is to change it as its technology is considered outdated and in fact there have been many cases of burglaries in security locks installed before 2010.

Security locks should be replaced with new ones after five years and the reason we say this should be because burglars are more educated than we think. So to be sure that they have not deciphered the operation of the lock mechanism we choose the safe period of five years to acquire some new and unknown technology to them.

The new generation of security locks

New generation security locks are highly sophisticated locking systems that provide the best anti-burglary protection.

New generation locks have unique keys, which cannot be copied unless the owner of the door shows the property card. If the keys delivered with the lock purchase do not come with a title card then it is very likely that you have been the victim of fraud.

Types of security lock

The new generation security locks operate with a cylinder and timing discs and are divided into two basic types, with a plastic cylinder and with a steel cylinder:

  • Plastic cylinder

To open the door, the key commands the timing discs to rotate. In this way, unlocking can be done with a unique key, while anti-keys cannot be created.

  • Steel cylinder

Steel cylinder locks are the most secure locks right now. They offer maximum protection as they are considered practically inviolable, due to the material they use.

They are not the most economical solution you can find, but they offer considerably more security. Because of the steel cylinder, it is very difficult to break the cylinder or make a hole inside. They also have a system that blocks the fire and the navel in case of violation.

Find the expert to help you

In the case that you are looking for security locks it is very important to trust an expert with a long-term operation and a large network of customers, to advise you in order to make the right decision that will suit your situation and your space.

This way you will be sure that the products you choose to be placed on your door are approved and guaranteed.
Let Alfino Door in Athens, Greece help you…

They are always at your disposal to study your space and recommend the best security door, completely free of charge, the appropriate solutions for security locks that are suitable for your home or business.

You can call them now to make an appointment at your place in Athens, Greece. Alfino Door will be happy to serve you.

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