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What are the specs of OnePlus 8T?

θήκες κινητών

In this article there is our review about OnePlus 8T –θήκες κινητών-. Oneplus’s journey in the smartphone market started in a different way than usual. The company tried and succeeded, to stand out with the design of smartphones with top technical features at a significantly lower selling price than their competition. Of course, in order to achieve this, most of these proposals, I made very specific and sometimes many, concessions.

However, the company has long since overcome this stage, and now having the experience and know-how it needs, it can easily look into the eye of its competition with impressive Smartphones such as the OnePlus 8 Pro. However, the audience that promoted it did not cease to exist, of course, and the company wants to continue to satisfy its own needs and requirements.

OnePlus 8T  Design

For the exterior construction and design of the OnePlus 8T, the company has managed to find an ideal combination of “beauty” and appearance that makes it stand out as its own product.This is largely due to the different from the usual colors in which the OnePlus 8T is available, but also to small details in its design. The green version that we had in our hands for testing, stands out even from afar with its different color.

But the company’s attention to ergonomics and detail is always impressive. From the placement of the volume keys and the Power Button low enough to be easily reached, to the always useful switch for switching from normal to silent operation and only vibration. At the back, the four different cameras Its now placed in the upper left corner, in a layout different from the usual for the company. Most importantly, they do not protrude annoyingly from the rest of the OnePlus 8T surface.

OnePlus 8T Screen

For the OnePlus 8T screen, the company has made all the right choices. Its resolution is at 2400 × 1080 pixels which is typically considered FullHD + and of course comes with a high refresh rate at 120Hz. Of course it is an AMOLED Panel, as it is now considered a given in all the top devices of OnePlus and not only. The choice of this resolution has advantages in terms of battery performance and the overall hardware inside the OnePlus 8T.

Obviously it operates at 120Hz in its full nominal resolution without any restrictions at all. Of course there is also support for HDR content projection, which in turn is considered particularly useful in practice. The OnePlus 8T is normally recognized by Youtube and Netflix for HDR content viewing.

OnePlus 8T  Cameras

In the field of photography and video, it is a fact that the OnePlus 8T does not try to stand out as much as it should. The company continues to use Sony’s IMX586 sensor for its 48MP main camera. This is typically quite “older” now and this is to some extent evident in the performance of the main camera of the Smartphone. Typically, the camera of the OnePlus 8T comes with all the technical features it should have. OIS is always useful, as is the highly efficient f / 1.7 aperture in its lens.

The photos that the OnePlus 8T can take are from just satisfactory to very good depending on the case. The limitations of this sensor in the dynamic lighting range and its color performance are evident in many photos with the detail however it is always very high.

The OnePlus 8T activates a fairly efficient HDR Mode, which combines many different shots in one photo. In this case, the photos are simply impressive for its class. The dynamic range is expected to be higher, the colors are much more accurate while the detail remains very good. But what matters is its performance, since the photos that the OnePlus 8T can take are absolutely satisfactory. Here OIS helps to increase the exposure time for each of the different shots combined in the final photo. Almost always, even with a not very steady hand, these photos are not “shaken”.

The second camera now, as expected, has a super wide-angle lens for a larger shot in every photo. Here the company has chosen to stand out, and its nominal resolution at 16MP is higher than usual. We would like to have Auto focus as well, however in this category its absence is justified to some extent.

The OnePlus 8T Third Camera is more than just three to take a picture. It has a Macro lens for short distance photos. Its resolution at 5MP is at least higher than usual. However, the absence of Auto focus limits its use to a certain distance from the subject we want to photograph.

OnePlus 8T Processor

It is a fact that OnePlus has a particularly good reputation for designing Smartphones that are impressively efficient in practice. Traditionally, it achieves this by using Qualcomm’s newest and most powerful processor. Typically, this season the title belongs to the Snapdragon 865+, and not to the “simple” version used by the OnePlus 8T.

OnePlus 8T Battery

Inside the OnePlus 8T there is a battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh which for the data of 2020 is considered simply… good always based on this capacity by name. But in practice, its performance is important, and here the Smartphone is significantly better than many of its competitors with a battery of similar capacity.

Even with the screen “set” to 120Hz and quite heavy use, it is practically impossible to leave the OnePlus 8T out of battery in the same day. Oxygen OS power management and in-app control so that they do not run continuously for no reason, combined with the efficient Snapdragon 865 achieve this result.

OnePlus 8T Conclusion

With the OnePlus 8T, the company is trying a different approach, as it is better overall than the OnePlus 8, but it is close to the 8 Pro in certain areas. With a selling price that even in official introduction is lower than almost any of its competitors, and with the advantages such as Oxygen OS and its impressive screen, it is a very interesting proposal. Conveniently covers any kind of requirement one may have, even if it comes from a significantly more expensive smartphone from another company.

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