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Taliban throws victory parade with US military equipment

The Taliban are now overtly exhibiting off the US navy gear — such as Black Hawk helicopters, dozens of armored vehicles and weapons — abandoned by US troops amid President Biden’s chaotic final exit from Afghanistan.

Islamist fighters staged victory parades Wednesday in Kandahar, Afghanistan’s 2nd-greatest city, as they confirmed off the US military services hardware they’ve now seized.

Films confirmed intensely-armed Taliban fighters standing on prime of a prolonged line of captured Humvees and other tactical motor vehicles, as they drove along a highway.

In embarrassing scenes for the US, a Black Hawk helicopter even flew circles overhead.

A lot of Taliban militants could be also noticed cradling American M16 rifles and other weapons applied by US, NATO and Afghan forces throughout the 20-yr war.

The worth of the weapons and tools deserted by the US was not quickly recognised, but it is probable to be in the tens of tens of millions of dollars and likely arms up an enemy combatant.

Taliban fighters are seen atop motor vehicles today with Taliban flags parade along a road to celebrate after the US pulled all its troops out of Afghanistan.
JAVED TANVEER/AFP by means of Getty Images

It is also isn’t apparent particularly how considerably armed service stock the Taliban now have in their possession.

The Afghan Air Pressure ended up working 167 plane, like helicopters and planes, at the finish of June, in accordance to the US Special Inspector Normal for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), a US federal government watchdog.

Prior to Kabul slipping, Uzbekistan discovered Afghan soldiers had fled to the neighboring nation with 22 armed service planes and 24 helicopters.

The fighters made sure to show off the military equipment left behind by the US.
The fighters designed sure to clearly show off the armed service machines left behind by the US.
JAVED TANVEER/AFP through Getty Photographs

It is not regarded how quite a few other Afghan planes or helicopters, if any, had been flown out amid the chaotic evacuations — but it leaves 121 plane most likely in the arms of Taliban fighters.

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, head of US Central Command, on Monday rattled off a record of products the US still left at Kabul’s airport when the closing troops flew out.

It integrated a C-RAM rocket defensive technique, about 70 cars built to guard versus blasts and at least 27 Humvees.

Taliban supporters gather to celebrate the US withdrawal of all its troops out of Afghanistan
As quite a few as 121 aircraft are most likely in the arms of the Taliban.
JAVED TANVEER/AFP by using Getty Visuals

The US insists the armed service devices they deserted was de-activated prior to fleeing Kabul.

But the Taliban have also seized the hardware Afghan security forces ended up utilizing — which was funded by the US through the many years-extensive war.

Biden, who has been savaged by critics over his handling of the fatal withdrawal, remained defiant Tuesday all through an tackle to the country.

Taliban fighters atop vehicles parade along a road to celebrate after the US pulled all its troops out of Afghanista
The value of the weapons and gear deserted by the US is not promptly recognized.
JAVED TANVEER/AFP by using Getty Photos

“This is the correct determination. A intelligent conclusion. And the very best selection for America,” he said.

In spite of 13 US services members and a lot more than 170 Afghan dying past week in an ISIS attack outside Kabul airport, Biden hailed the operation as an “extraordinary success.”

“No country has at any time finished nearly anything like it in all of heritage only the United States had the capacity and the will and capacity to do it,” Biden reported.

Humvees are among the long list of equipment that the US left behind for the Taliban captured.
Humvees are among the the lengthy listing of gear that the US remaining guiding for the Taliban captured.
JAVED TANVEER/AFP by means of Getty Pictures

Earlier Tuesday, previous President Donald Trump slammed the latest administration for leaving weapons and military services products in the palms of the Taliban.

Trump argued that “every screw, each and every nail” should have been taken.

“To go away that gear, billions and billions of devices, guiding is insane,” he told Fox Company. “It’s inconceivable – that tools is going to be coming at us for a lot of a long time.

“It ought to be bombed. We are not able to enable them have that gear.”

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