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Taliban show off captured, blindfolded ISIS terror suspect


The Taliban is earning a clearly show of cracking down on ISIS — parading a single suspected terrorist soon after he was captured and blindfolded, in accordance to recently produced pics.

Afghanistan’s new leadership has frequently vowed to crack down on the rival Islamic fundamentalist group blamed for the Kabul airport suicide blast that killed extra than 180 people, together with 28 Taliban members as nicely as 13 US provider members.

Shots confirmed a Taliban Distinctive Forces officer escorting a suspected ISIS member in a single of the group’s armored cars in Kabul.

The suspect was blindfolded by content that wholly coated his confront, with his arms tight to his sides as if handcuffed, according to the photo launched Sunday by Reuters.

Other photos showed other Exclusive Forces’ troops brandishing weapons and wearing army equipment, much of which the US experienced presented Afghan troops to support combat off the Taliban’s insurgency ahead of the team seized it when Western forces pulled out.

No other facts about the detainee have been instantly available, such as whether he was assumed to be tied to the airport attack by ISIS-K, the terror group’s affiliate in Khorasan.

Although US officials have feared that the Taliban’s renewed rule of Afghanistan will at the time once more switch the nation into a breeding ground for terrorists, the two Islamic groups are brutal rivals.

Members of the Taliban Intelligence Special Forces.
The Taliban has repeatedly vowed to crack down on ISIS, who were blamed for the Kabul airport suicide blast that killed far more than 180 people today, which includes 28 Taliban customers.
West Asia News Agency by using REUTERS
A suspected ISIS member sits blindfolded.
No info has been designed available on the detainee and no matter if he is tied to the ISIS-K assault.
West Asia Information Company via REUTERS

ISIS-K and the Taliban “are mortal enemies — for the reason that ISIS-K signifies a competitor,” Douglas London, the CIA’s former leading counterterrorism main for the area, recently instructed United states Currently.

“They characterize a competitor for means, materials and electrical power, even although they’re somewhat smaller,” he said of the team.

White Home push secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged Thursday that “there continue to be energetic ISIS-K threats.”


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