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Small asteroid misses Earth just hours after its discovery


A smaller asteroid barely missed Earth just several hours after the motor vehicle-sized rock was identified traveling via space.

The asteroid, dubbed 2021 RS2, arrived inside 9,532 miles of the earth’s surface on Tuesday. The near contact was marginally farther than the Earth’s diameter, 7,917.5 miles, in accordance to EarthSky.

RS2 was to start with noticed by researchers at Mount Lemmon Survey in Arizona on September 7 as it barreled Earthward at 39,366 miles for each hour.

If the asteroid experienced arrive any closer, it would have generally disintegrated even though burning up in the ambiance and posed no real menace to the earth.

It is the closest flyby of the 12 months and the 21st closest on history, sharing the spot with 2021 CZ3 which flew earlier us on February 9, 2021.

In accordance to The Watchers web-site, RS2 is the 81st acknowledged asteroid to fly inside of a single lunar distance [239,228.3 miles] of Earth because the commence of 2021.

In case an asteroid a single working day threatens Earth’s existence, NASA has produced a contingency strategy to launch a spaceship proper at the rock.

The asteroid was discovered on September 7 by researchers at Mount Lemmon Survey in Arizona.
The asteroid was learned on September 7 by researchers at Mount Lemmon Survey in Arizona.
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“Up until finally now, we have not experienced way too a lot of solutions for what we may possibly do if we observed something that was incoming,” Johns Hopkins planetary astronomer Andy Rivkin told Vice News of NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission in April. “DART is the very first check of how we might be in a position to deflect some thing with out acquiring to vacation resort to a nuclear package deal, or sitting down in our basements, ready it out and crossing our fingers.”


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