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Scientists in Singapore transform fruit leftovers into antibacterial bandages


Sept 20 – Researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore are tackling food squander by turning discarded durian husks into antibacterial gel bandages.

The course of action extracts cellulose powder from the fruit’s husks after they are sliced and freeze-dried, then mixes it with glycerol. This combination becomes gentle hydrogel, which is then lower into bandage strips.

“In Singapore, we consume about 12 million durians a yr, so apart from the flesh, we can’t do a great deal about the husk and the seeds and this result in environmental air pollution,” stated Professor William Chen, director of the food science and technologies system at NTU. The fruit’s husks, which make up more than half of the composition of durians, are ordinarily discarded and incinerated, contributing to environmental squander.

Chen added that the technology can also convert other food items squander, these types of as soy beans and put in grains, into hydrogel, assisting limit the country’s food items squander.

In contrast to common bandages, the organo-hydrogel bandages are also equipped to maintain wound areas cooler and moist, which can assist speed up therapeutic.

The researchers say applying squander resources and yeast for the antimicrobial bandages is extra price-powerful than the manufacturing of standard bandages, whose antimicrobial houses come from extra costly metallic compounds like silver or copper ions.

A durian wholeseller, Tan Eng Chuan, mentioned he goes by way of at minimum 30 crates of durians a day through durian year – as a great deal as 1,800 kg. Currently being capable to use the pieces of the fruit that are ordinarily discarded, he stated, was an innovation that would make having fun with it “more sustainable”.


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