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Kitchen oven essential functions


Kitchen oven essential functions

The electrical – ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΛΟΓΟΙ ΑΘΗΝΑ – technology has advanced to incredible levels and in the category of ovens. Now there are smart ovens that can cook without your intervention. If the instructions for use of the appliance are not given due importance, then not all the functions of the oven are utilized, and thus the cooking is not as efficient as we would like.

Get to know all the functions of your oven and avoid failures such as uneven baking, energy-intensive cooking, and much more that you can face. So, it is worth spending a little more time to make the most of your oven.

Starting with the basics

The ovens usually come with 2 heating elements, one at the top and one at the bottom to generate heat inside. In these cases, you have the option to use the “up” or “down”, or “up and down” programs. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets, and the lower bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.

Most modern ovens, however, also have an “air” function. There is a fan that diffuses heat evenly into the oven. This function is suitable for baked goods and sweets.

With the air function, you can also bake two or even three pans (depending on the capacity of the oven) since the heat is evenly distributed in the oven and there is the same temperature everywhere. But what happens when you need surface baking? This is where you need to know all the functions of your oven. In this case, you can use the Grill. Allows reddening of the outer surface without affecting the inside of the food. Ideal for foods such as steaks, ribs, fish, and toast.

Symbols and combinations of programs

Take a look at the front of your oven, and specifically where the access switches are located. There, there are various symbols that “show” you that you can do many more things with the Grill. For example, there is probably a function that allows you to use Grill and lower resistance, this program is ideal for roasting and you can use it for any piece of meat, whatever size it is.

Then there may be a grill program and air circulation. This function allows uniform baking in combination with surface rubbing. Ideal for grilled meats, especially for high-volume foods, such as turkey, chicken, etc. As we have noticed, the Grill is a very flexible function that offers amazing results. And yet, there are many who do not use it. So learn to use it and you will see how much the baking will improve and consequently the tasty result.

Combinations of programs and shelves

In addition to the functions of the oven, the place where you place the pan also plays an equally important role for efficient cooking. It depends on which cooking mode you use. When, for example, the upper resistor works and you just want to brown the food, you raise the pan to the highest shelf.

If you use the lower resistance, place the pan in one of the lower positions. When baking with “up and down”, air function or a combination of circular resistance-air, then it is usually recommended to use the second shelf from below for uniform baking.

When it comes to cakes and pastries, the cases vary depending on the recipe. For example, the way the cake is baked is different (compared to other sweets) as you have to place the form on the lower shelf of the oven so that its surface is in the middle of the oven. Cookies, cookies or other related sweets are placed on the middle shelf, while the cookies – which we usually want more crunchy – higher.

Cooking at the touch of a button

When you know the basic functions of an oven, then you will appreciate even more the conveniences that a smart oven can offer you. These devices come with a built-in Wi-Fi function to always be connected to you and manage them from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. All you have to do is connect them to your home, router.

Imagine, for example, that in the afternoon you are waiting for guests at home for dinner and you, returning from work, are stuck in traffic. With the smart oven in your kitchen, you will never panic in such a situation. You take your smartphone out of your pocket and turn on the oven from the street, setting it to warm-up mode. So, when you get home, you will put your pan in the already preheated oven, so that you can prepare all the other preparations before welcoming your guests.

Of course, the advantages of a “smart” oven are much more than the remote activation of the preheating from the smartphone or tablet. There are many ways you can use it to make your daily cooking more flexible and redefine the way you organize your daily life.

Greater inspiration and creativity in the kitchen

The smart ovens are accompanied by an easy-to-use application for your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to activate the oven remotely, to be able to change the program at any time or to intervene in the cooking temperature.

From the same application, you can also watch cooking from wherever you are, or receive notification when a program is completed. This way, you will have a calmer head if, for example, you have to leave home to pick up the children from school. By the time you get home, the oven will be off, the food will be ready, and your children will not have to wait impatiently for their meal.

Plus, with a smart oven, you’re not going to exclude any food from your menu. It offers a variety of functions for all types of cooking, combined with an extensive range of recipes on your mobile screen. Just enter the application that comes with your oven, choose the recipe you will cook, and the oven will calculate for you the appropriate program, the optimal temperature, but also the cooking time.

In fact, it is possible to save cooking electric settings for all your favourite recipes. This way you can more easily plan all your cooking and, most importantly, take off the taste of your dishes.

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