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Islamic terror groups celebrate fall of Afghanistan on social media

The recapture of Afghanistan by the Taliban has been greeted with jubilation in the dark corners of the throughout the world cyber-jihad, as supporters of al Qaeda and other terror groups exult on social media about humiliating the United States.

On Monday, the day following the Afghan funds of Kabul fell with scarcely a shot getting fired, pro-al Qaeda social media accounts posted an unsigned assertion congratulating their Taliban “brothers” on the beautiful navy victory.

“Afghanistan is Conquered and Islam has Received,” browse the information, translated by the Web page Intelligence Team.

Comparable statements emerged from Hamas, which welcomed “the defeat of the American occupation on all Afghan land,” and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which hailed what it called “the liberation of [Afghani] land from the Western and American occupation”.

The gloating commenced weeks before, with the South China Morning Submit reporting final month that the hashtag “the year of running away” was staying additional to messages in al Qaeda-supporting channels on the encrypted app Telegram as US forces accelerated their withdrawal from Afghanistan immediately after 20 several years of war.

The collapse of the Western-backed Afghan government just before the completion of the scheduled withdrawal of US beat forces has led to a reassessment of the time it could choose for Al Qaeda to reconstitute alone inside of the state. The Wall Road Journal claimed Tuesday that the longstanding intelligence assumption had been that this kind of a regathering could get position among 18 months and two several years immediately after a US withdrawal.

Taliban militants standing guard outside of the Eco-friendly Zone in Kabul, Afghanistan on August 17, 2021.

Even though most industry experts agree that Al Qaeda is a diminished pressure from days when its leaders plotted the 9/11 attacks on Afghan soil with Osama bin Laden at their head, the return of their longtime protectors has given the terror team critical respiration place — and a foundation from which to program extra attacks on the West.

“For al Qaeda, this is a dream come legitimate,” Middle East Institute director of counterterrorism plans Charles Lister informed Yahoo News. “This breathes new daily life into Al Qaeda for the very first time in lots of a long time, if not since prior to 9/11.”

A report introduced in June by the United Nations Protection Council approximated that “several dozen to 500 persons” manufactured up Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Indian subcontinent. Its leaders, including longtime bin Laden lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahiri, are even now considered to be hiding out someplace in the border area amongst Afghanistan and Pakistan.

On the other hand, the Journal documented, people numbers are most likely to be swelled by prisoners produced from Afghan jails by the Taliban as they created their way by the country’s major towns — as very well as Al Qaeda operatives who started returning to Afghanistan from refuge in Iran.

Previous Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta explained to MSNBC Tuesday that there was “no question” the Taliban would once all over again “provide a harmless haven” to Al Qaeda and other terror groups, regardless of reassurances to the contrary.

“This is a nationwide security threat,” he said. ‘And it is not heading to be straightforward to go into Afghanistan, controlled by the Taliban. When we have been there, we had the cooperation of the Afghans, we labored with the armed forces, there were being a lot of partnerships associated. We experienced great intelligence on exactly where the targets were being.

“We’ll have none of that with Taliban command,” Panetta additional, “and how we are going to be capable to secure our country in that situation is likely to be a quite complicated problem.

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