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Home Painting: Become a Professional with 8 Tips!


Home Painting: Become a Professional with 8 Tips!

Following these 8 tips you will want to grab a brush and start painting.

Painting also has its difficulties – whether you decide to change the color of a room or give your wooden floor new life. To help you make the painting procedure easy, we present 8 tips that will transform you from a beginner to a professional of… painting!

1. Grab the sandpaper

To get the perfect result, you need to start with a perfect surface. And to achieve this you have to become the best friends of sandpaper. This way, you will be able to remove imperfections and marks from the surface of your wall or furniture. For a perfect result, start rubbing the surface you want to paint from bottom to top with horizontal movements.

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2. Apply primer – Gray primer is a smarter choice

Fill in the gaps and imperfections that appear on the surface of your wall with a little primer to avoid an uneven end result. And instead of the usual white or colorless primer, prefer the gray shades of this magical material. Experts recommend it for better coverage of the spots. In addition, this shade will immediately give life to the color you have chosen. Do you change color on a large wall? See here how to decorate it.

3. Squeeze the paper tape with the putty spatula

You may have taken action and taped the skirting board and all the surfaces you do not want to change color. However, to ensure that you will not find marks of the (new) color when you pull the tape, all you have to do is press it well with the putty spatula. This will seal it better and more effectively.

4. Scrape the extra paint with a screwdriver

If your ceiling has a texture, then you surely know how difficult it is to paint its corners without leaving marks on it … paint. The easy solution is to use a screwdriver to scrape the corners and recesses in which the paint accumulates. See here 7 more tips that make painting a toy.

5. Use canvas for painting

You may be used to covering the floor with sheets or plastic when painting, but if you want to become a professional painter, you need to change your tactics. Instead of the above two materials, prefer the canvas. Why; This material absorbs splashes more efficiently.

6. Paint one wall at a time

You may find it easier to first paint the corners of the room you want to paint with your brush and then fill them with paint using the roller. However, this tactic leads to uneven results. So prefer to take the “project painting” literally wall-to-wall: meticulously complete the painting of one surface, before moving on to the next.

7. Clean the roll before painting

Before you start painting, wash the roll with a little water and liquid soap, roll it in your hands 2-3 times and finally let it dry well. This way, you will smooth its surface and achieve the uniform result you are looking for.

8. Fill your brush with paint

Immerse your brush in the paint and then tap each side into the paint container. This way, you will be able to paint your walls more evenly.

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