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Hands-on experience as pianists learn to play with robot thumb

LONDON, Aug 25 – How would pianists cope with instantly acquiring two thumbs on one hand? Would their brains turn into scrambled or would the more digit include a new dimension to their participating in?

Neuroscientist Adlo Faisal and the crew he heads at Imperial College London produced a robot thumb to locate out.

Within an hour of being equipped with the synthetic digit subsequent to the little finger of their suitable hand, six players experienced acquired to integrate it on the keyboard, steered by electrical alerts produced when they shift their foot.

“It came out of my have passion for piano that I puzzled what transpires if I have an excess finger?” Faisal, Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience at the college’s Department of Bioengineering and Section of Computing, instructed Reuters.

“There’s a focused spot of your mind responsible for just about every one finger,” he claimed.


“So now arrives the query, if I give you an eleventh finger, … are you processing it the exact way as you are processing a standard limb?”

Scientists at the Brain & Behaviour Lab that Faisal heads discovered that, no matter of playing means, the 6 pianists and six other non-enjoying volunteers all tailored to the thumb speedily, suggesting we are not limited to applying an excess digit for duties we are acquainted with.

“The actuality that you can essentially engage in with eleven fingers is not solely trivial and that has to do with how your mind is essentially wired up…,” Faisal explained.

“So what we can say is it is a evidence of existence. We can do it. So the up coming problem would be can we do two thumbs, so 12-fingered? Can we do some thing else?”

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