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5 tips to become a sex expert


Sex education is lifelong learning. Even if you have been with the same partner for decades Golden Diamond Escorts claim, you have to discover new ways and experience things that bring you closer to sexual and spiritual fulfilment.

Touching, kissing, describing fantasies and smells from a warm bath before you lie down are the ones that will send you to the climax more easily. If you start with the idea that orgasm is not a race but a great experience, then you are more likely to become a sex expert, escorts advice us

5 tips to become a sex expert!

Sex is an issue that has spilled tonnes of ink and covered countless hours of conversation between friends to find specific answers. But is there anything absolute when we talk about a love affair between two people? The truth is somewhere in the middle. There are things we can all do to improve our sex life, but the beginning is through the right chemistry and what each person emits as a person as a whole.

Sex is not like a man’s cardiogram in a coma

The intense stress, demanding daily life, our self-image, and human relationships have all contributed to not giving him the time he deserves. It makes us stop working for something we derive pleasure, satisfaction from and many endorphins.

Sexual satisfaction is higher among couples who are confirmed during sex and could laugh after shameful moments and continue normal. So not taking life seriously and sharing moments of laughter with your partner is the beginning of the right love life.

The key to better sex is better communication

What does this mean; Saying what you like and don’t like can be informative and educational as much as you know each other’s body. If it does something you like, say it right away and don’t rely on the sounds or movements you make. Do you want to try a different perspective? Suggest it and don’t think about shame or being exposed.

How do we get into practice?

We do not go straight into practice. Not that it doesn’t have its beauty, but what we seek is to become experts and create unforgettable moments with our partner. You have to treat it as a ritual. As an appetizer, mainly dish and dessert.

1. Flirt

The (right) beginning is half of everything. Remember how it is to flirt with the one you like and become more sensual. No matter how much you want it, you don’t have to talk about bills and laundry on the floor at one time and then go into the bedroom with wild moods. Prepare the ground with erotic messages on your cellphone in the morning and say goodbye to your partner with a very erotic kiss that will keep you thinking for hours.

2. Massage

Because eating comes with an appetite, give your partner a wonderful erotic massage with coconut oil and 2 drops of sage. Put a little on your hands and start by deleting the circles with the thumbs next to the spine line. Continue on the buttocks and legs with gentle finger movements.

3. Let’s talk about fantasies

If you have linked them with infidelity or something too embarrassing to be locked in the locker, then you will not be able to do what is most irritating to you and of course you will never be able to do it for your partner. What you haven’t thought about is that revealing a fantasy brings you closer to your loved one and naturally increases your sexual desire, according to greece athens escorts.

4. Take your time

Every enjoyment wants the time it deserves. You are not going to be a sex expert if you are ‘spray, sweep, finish’. Predictions are a huge chapter in sex, perhaps most important, and not just for women. Touching, kissing, describing fantasies and smells from a warm bath before you lie down are the ones that will send you to the climax more easily. If you start with the idea that orgasm is not a race but a great outcome, then you are more likely to succeed.

5. Bad vocabulary and games

In fact we are talking about expanding the words you use in the bedroom to make your sex life a little more spicy. If you are not used to this, you can get ideas from erotic books that you will even find on the Internet and start by reading quotes from one another. When it comes to sex toys, you do not need to buy embarrassing accessories.

Start with the simple ones that create a more mysterious atmosphere. An eye-catching fabric, massage oil and imagination-stimulating music.

What should every man know about sexual education?

Several men approach the female body as if trying to find the switch in the night. However, a lover is considered good when he knows where he is, deals with the pleasure of his partner and asks if he has any questions.

Abilities are greater than size

It doesn’t mean that you are necessarily good because you are genetically gifted. The idea that size counts for everything about sex is outdated and does not reflect the reality of orgasm. Every woman appreciates a man who is not afraid to ask her what she likes, what works for her, and how it can lead her to climax or greater sexual enjoyment.

Self-sabotage destroys everything

It is a fact that men feel important when they can have sex at any time and moment. The notion that only women need brain and mental stimulation is also outdated. In order for both to function and experience a truly satisfying experience, they must be equally attracted to each other’s needs.

How difficult is it to have good sex?

Keeping your sex life at a good level nowadays is no easy task. You will surely have read or heard that to make your sexual experience even more interesting and peppering, you will have to use various tricks.

For example massage him with chocolate, whip him, feed him strawberries, flavour the area with essential oils and create an atmosphere with lit candles.

If you believe that all of this is the result of modern life you are wrong. Sex imagination seems to have no boundaries with your grandmother or grandmother’s time!

Do not follow the old-fashioned tips, our grandmothers had to increase libido…

The man must be ‘lord’ in bed

“Who wouldn’t like to have a very active role in bed and who wouldn’t enjoy it? It was a good start to improving our sexual mood. My partner took action. He grabbed my body and did what he wanted, without overwhelming me. It was quite spicy. But I would not like our sex life to continue that way. In fact, I prefer to be myself when it comes to the climax.”

Pink and lacy underwear!

“Initially, this advice made me laugh, because it is very subjective how much a pink and lacy lingerie a guy will like. My partner just hates them! And that’s because he considers them old-fashioned. The point here is basically to wear whatever lingerie you want, putting your taste and preferences first, because it won’t resist sex anyway. ”

Don’t Read Erotic Books

“Most women who start reading ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ with fury will disagree with that view. Again, I prefer to watch pre-sex movies because they only have one effect: they increase the mood and get you into bed. I applied the above advice and stopped watching such films. I didn’t notice any change in my erotic experience, except that it took a little longer for the mood to rise. ”

Never Let Your Mate See You Naked

“After removing the clothes, we turned off the lights in the room and lay down on the bed. I had fallen under the duvet, though the advice made no sense. The naked body is a part of the love affair and intimacy that develops between the couple. ”

You should only have sex in the dark

“Personally I prefer breakfast sex. I also prefer to observe myself and my partner at the time of the action and this requires light. It is definitely a pleasure to feel in the dark, because it has a mystery. I tried both. ”

Don’t Use Lubricant

“I found this advice completely silly. Using a lubricant does not mean that there is a problem with sexual activity, on the contrary I use it constantly to increase enjoyment. I tried to skip it once and then put it back on the program. ”

After all, as we grow older we change and this affects our needs, desires, and hierarchy. More specifically, love desire is something that changes and goes through its phases.

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