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5 stylish bags for your summer night looks

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5 stylish bags for your summer night looks

The summer of 2020 is unpredictable but this does not mean that your women’s handbags τσάντες γυναικείες– should not be in fashion trends. Today we will present you the 5 bags for the summer nights which we singled out from this season. The summer is not over yet so you manage to get your favorite!

How to choose the 5 bags for summer evenings

Are you planning to go on vacation this summer? Would you like to stay in the city or visit the beaches of your area? Whatever you decide, a summer women’s bag will accompany you and complete your every look! If you are wondering how to choose between 5 bags for summer evenings, we have the solution for you!

Firstly, you should stay close to your style. A change is always welcome but many times you regret it and the bag remains unbearable in your closet. You can dare small steps at a time such as from dark brown to gradually go to beige or a discreet design and so on.

Secondly, choose an evening bag that will suit you. If you are the type of woman who loves big bags, a tiny bag will not serve you. Prefer medium-sized bags that will fit the essentials and will not be uncomfortable.

Small cross body bag

The most classic bag for summer afternoons and evenings is the cross body bag. Very convenient as it frees your hands and at the same time gives extra style due to its chain. You can choose an impressive cross bag with gold or silver chain which will take off your every evening look, either more casual or more formal!

This type of bag will suit you as it can be worn during the day depending on its texture and designs. If you choose a small crossbody bag that will fit the essentials for a woman (keys, wallet, cell phone, tissues, etc.) you will be able to easily wear it for the rest of the year.

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Backpacks may not sound like an ideal choice for a night out, but believe us when we tell you that you will love them. For summer evenings, you can choose a backpack in a smaller size as the bulky and large backpacks are not so stylish.

In terms of their texture, you can choose any texture and design as you have countless options. What we would suggest is either a wicker backpack that fits in perfectly with the summer climate. Otherwise, a small canvas backpack would be a must for your outings on hot summer nights.

Tiny bags

They have become fashionable in the last two years and they do not say to leave. The tiny bags, either as miniatures of larger bags or backpacks, or in other elaborate shapes, are here again this year. We would suggest you to choose them if you are bold and like to experiment with different fashion trends.

Yes, we have to admit that their size makes them a bit dysfunctional and uncomfortable, but you can sacrifice the unnecessary items for a little more style! They will not fit much, only your cell phone and keys, but they will definitely leave the best impression on those who see you. Finally, you will look like you came out of a fashion magazine so it is worth daring.

Bags in geometric shapes

It may sound strange and strange, but bags in strong geometric shapes are in the trends for the summer of 2020. This year we will see bags in rectangular and square marks as well as bags with strong geometric features. We will also see a lot of the classic pouches but with a stricter structure.

The bags in geometric shapes will be worn in various materials and textures, from hard, transparent plastic, to mats and leather. So, you understand that your options are many! Do not hesitate to try such a bag as you will definitely make a difference!

Bright colors

Okay, we could not miss the colors of the 5 bags for summer nights. We are well aware that black, brown and beige are classic colors, but summer invites us to add color to our appearances, even at night. For this reason, we would suggest you to choose a colored bag for summer evenings.

The choice in size and texture is yours. You can choose a bright yellow waist bag also known as a belt bag, a pastel pink or blue backpack, a small cross body bag in red or fuchsia. Whatever color you choose, the look will be amazing!

Advice on choosing your summer bags

  • Choose bags that are suitable for evening outings but are not uncomfortable or too binding (eg strange fabrics)
  • Do not choose leather bags as summer is not the ideal season for them
  • Based on the size of the bag. Do not overdo it with too big or too small bags.that will not make it easier for you.
  • In general, do not load your bags with various metal and other details because in recent years minimalism has prevailed in fashion.
  • If you are planning to buy only one bag for this summer, do not overdo it with the colors. Choose a “chameleon” bag that will match many different outfits.

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